Personal Trainer Consultancy

One Off Training Package (w/ Free Updates)

Stop Buying Modules, This is a complete methodology that is proven to increase your training revenue and make your clients increasingly happy.

How long is your current model sustainable?  Feel like you are fighting an uphill battle?  Sick of being on the up and down roller coaster of finding and sustaining clients?  This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a methodology and best of all it works.

The program overview is as follows (non exhaustive list):

Setting up structured systems within your business (communication and systems faults are the number one reason for business failure)
Template Emails, Promos, Referral Requests, Adverts (all that work)
Getting referrals in a consistent and predictable manner
Switching away from training and getting into coaching
Our key structure that will keep your clients as lifetime clients (100% of the time)
Managing your clients
Getting failed clients back with you
Handling Hesitations to a Sale
Structuring your workouts and assessments
Proper Outcome Assessment
and more…

This package is to be released on July 1st, 2010.  It is an investment that will change your strategy on training forever.


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