WTF is 51-43-4

Jacked, Tweeked, Ramped, Amped, and Revved Up…

This is serious.

51-43-4 is epinephrine, literally.   However, we (FiftyOne-43-Four) like to think of ourselves as intelligent, hardworking, and motivated individuals dedicated to making you a better person both physically and mentally.  We currently are undertaking many projects and are always looking for opportunities in health and fitness.  However, as of recently we have defined a niche market in programming and program design.

We are taking trainers to a new level with marketing strategies, programming, and income.  Don’t believe us?  That’s fine.  Stick with your &$*& and we will see you at the top.

Staff: 0-5 (As of 2010)
Location: New Zealand
Sector: Health and Fitness
Specialty: Personal Training Consultancy

Never duplicated and commonly imitated….



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