My Honest Opinion of some of the Latest Fads

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

CrossFit is a strength and endurance fitness regime.  They want to create the ultimate athlete by including gymnast, Olympic lifting, and sprinter.  CrossFit uses Olympic lifts, kettle bells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, and many other fanatical exercises. CrossFit athletes run, use skipping ropes, row, climb ropes, jump on boxes, flip tires, carry weight around and bounce medicine balls against the floor.  Most of these workouts are crazy difficult and are not for beginners.  The only thing I’ve seen from this is injuries so be careful when approaching Crossfit workouts and make sure that your technique is correct.

Zumba is a dance program that consists of Latin music and easy to follow dance moves. The dance routines have interval training sessions where they mix up fast and slow dances with some resistance training apparently designed to “sculpt and tone”.  Zumba can now be found almost any where and has taken off surprisingly!  I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole or recommend to anyone because that would make me look like a complete fag! I honestly don’t know why so many people do it… As I’m not going to try it I’ll leave it at that.

Belly Dancing where to start with this one… hmm well again I’m not going to try this one.  And I hate it when I see overweight people doing this in traditional clothes.  Can be great to watch when beautiful girls do it otherwise it’s kind of disgusting. It is a non impact exercise though so great for people of all ages and apparently a great why to tone up and strengthen the core… OMG what happened to regular exercise? Have people gone crazy?  Or am I the crazy one?  I suppose a lot of people get bored with normal exercise but I think they need to train with someone from fiftyone-43-four and harden the F up.

Les Mills Body Pump first of all I’d like to point out that half the time the instructors can’t do the exercises properly, too many people are over ambitious lifting way to heavy and this causes more injuries than it does results guaranteed. Pump is a weights based group exercise program that is done to music that is way to loud with instructors screaming like they are giving birth. The classes use a varied amount of exercises from the simple to the advanced. If you’re a personal trainer or fitness instructor have you ever tried to teach someone that is uncoordinated how to do a deadlift? How about a bentover row? It can be nearly impossible first time yeah? Now imagine these people walking into a pump class having never exercised before in their life, it’s a recipe for disaster.  I’ve watched these classes countless times and I honestly cringe at all the bent backs and the possible lower back injuries ready to happen.  I recommend staying away from these classes unless you can actually do these exercises no problem; Bentover Rows, Deadlifts, Squats and lunges. Enough Said.

Boot Camp is an exercise program based on an army theme that is done outside using mostly bodyweight type exercises.  I personally like these type of programmes because they do incorporate a lot of good plyometrics, intervals and strength work. They are challenging and you can expect to do a lot of push ups, sprints and get very little rest.  The only problem I have noticed with these classes is how expensive they can be, but if you can afford it and dedicate yourself I actually recommend you to get out their and do it.


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