Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Causes Obesity

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

You must be kidding me.  We found this quote on the net and felt we must share it:

…Mankind experiences the same symptoms, but we may call it snacking or having the munchies. Much of the problem of obesity in the developed nations is a direct result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can cause a constant craving for those nutrients that aren’t getting in their diets.

What the hell is going on?  People aren’t fat because they forgot to take their centrum.  They are fat because they are addicted to food.  This quote is like telling a crack addict that they forgot their daily dose of B12 and thats why they are a junkie.

Guns don’t kill People, People kill People.

Where did we find the quote?, ironically enough they are selling supplements.  There are many more sites just like these guys but we thought we would just pick on them.  You know why?  Because we can.  Don’t think because hamburgers are so readily available that you can blame your fatness on them.  Its not their fault, its your hands fault.  Its better to cut off your hands now rather then let diabetes remove them for you.

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency causes obesity?  Holy shit, we better start drinking heaps of milk.  Make it a chocolate milk too.
Peoples excuses are a direct reflection of their laziness.  Stop blaming.  The only ones who can blame are the fat little kids
running around because mom and dad let them eat McD’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Once they hit 18 though, it the
kids faults for staying obese.  We figure that if you can vote, smoke, and take a bullet for your country, then you can be
Intelligent enough to know that overeating everyday is an addiction.

Here at Fiftyone-43-Four we have truly found the cause of obesity.  What is it?

Being F’n Lazy.

Whats the solution?

Get your shit together.
Make it happen, now, not tomorrow.


“Saying things your HCP has always wanted to say, but can’t”

  1. Simon Walker says:

    People need to start reading this sorta stuff! I’ve seen so many people obsessed with taking pills and not doing exercise!!!!! From what I’ve heard they don’t even know the long term effects of taking so many vitamins and minerals! People need to stop thinking Deficiencies and more about overdoses!

  2. Robert Lindsay says:

    Completely agree with this whole write up. Theres no quick fix! Stop Complaining and start training!

  3. Vanessa Lopez says:

    Thankyou for being so helpful with your suggestions for better supplementation and nutrition.

  4. […] Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Causes Obesity […]

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